Fit Conscience

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Athletes need not only to be strong and healthy physically, but mentally and spiritually. The athletes that take this holistic approach to their training are not only looked at as great athletes, but great people! Your athletic career will ultimately come to an end sooner or later and usually sooner than later.  So we are here to help you achieve maximum performances in your athletic endeavors, but always focused on your TOTAL health and well being.  So many athletes after they have finished their high school or college careers actually end up in worst shape then those that didn’t even participate in sports. This is because the training they did was just for one purpose at the time, but our philosophy is the training you are doing now helps you excel in all areas of your life.


We will not focus on the specific skills of your sport, but the conditioning of your body, mind and spirit so you will reach your full potential. I have been training athletes for the past 40 years and my gymnasts became some of the best in the country, but the accolades of winning a national championship or becoming a member of the Jr. Olympic Team is pale compared to the success they have achieved later in life in their family and professional lives.

I look forward to the opportunity of coaching you for a greater purpose in life than just winning an athletic contest!  315-406-0000/