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Are you sick of starting and stopping fitness memberships, exercise programs and diets? You know it would be better to read a good book or educate yourself on a topic that interest you, but you you get caught in the wave of Facebook viewing and internet surfing for hours. Have you been trying to acquire a virtue in your life like being more patient, compassionate, kind or joyful with others but lifelong behaviors over shadow your efforts with the same old you? You start down  a healthy road with good intentions, but always take a detour when life gets busy or you encounter a stressful situation and revert back to a comfort zone of unhealthy habits and living because for a “moment” it feels better! As the saying goes: “HABITS ARE HARD TO BREAK!” So lets together develop new HEALTHY HABITS & HIGHS in Life!reading-a-book-in-field

I have realized in my 40 years involved in the recreation and fitness world and now very active through a ministry working with those struggling with addictions that the missing key to consistent healthy living is a holistic approach and accountability. First and foremost you must have a plan and a desire to change the way you live. It is not a lifestyle change as styles change with time…it is a new WAY OF LIFE ! It starts in your mind, energized by your spirit and in put into action with your body which is made in the likeness and image of God! Wow is that ever an amazing reality! Our bodies are gifts and as we journey this earth we need to respect and take care of our human vessels or we will break down on the way and never reach our intended destination on time or ever for that matter.workout_partner

Most of us already know what we should or should not be eating, that we need to exercise, fill out minds with positive thoughts and knowledge, feed our souls to strengthen our spirit, but there is a saying: “TO KNOW AND NOT TO DO IS NOT YET TO KNOW!” For example: Fitness Clubs literally “bank” on the fact that you will stop coming to their facility within a short time after you join and with a little hope of someday returning and a price that doesn’t hit to hard so you continue to let them withdraw their monthly fee from your checking account or charge your credit card. In doing so you become members to the largest “PHANTOM” fitness membership in the world. You are among millions paying for the privilege of saying you “belong!”

Helping  you be FIT in SPIRIT, MIND & BODY as your ACCOUNTABILITY COACH is our SERVICE! Like a friend who has your back…we have your HEALTH! We may use some digital tools that are offered through modern day technology, but our service is PERSONAL and we genuinely CARE about you becoming the BEST YOU!

LET US HELP YOU by activating your conscience to living a NEW WAY of Life!



Because I believe this is the answer for you to live a NEW WAY OF LIFE and I would only be a hypocrite if I enticed you to sign up for a year and asked to charge your credit card or deduct from your bank account each month for our service. You will be asked each month if you want to continue our service and you will then make a payment. I do not want you paying for our service if it is not helping you or you are unable to adopt your personal FIT LIFE PLAN and DO what it takes to become the BEST YOU!


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* You can start at any level of coaching and change depending on what you feel you need and our goal is that once you are consistent with your FIT LIFE PLAN you will not need us!

BRONZE LEVEL: Personal phone call every week. Daily(M-F) FIT TIPS and a monthly review of your fit life plan: $69 per month.

SILVER LEVEL:  Two weekly accountability phone calls with two 30 minute motivation in motion sessions each week, daily FIT TIPS and a monthly review of your fit life plan: $159 per month.

GOLD LEVEL:  The gold level gives you all the services offered in the silver level with an additional motivation in motion session per week, but you have a COACH on CALL 24-7(M-Sat.) Because we truly care about your health and if you need encouragement in any area of your life one of our coaches will be available in less than three hours of your phone call to speak with you: $279 per month.

PERSONAL TRAINERS: Personal Trainers are available in your area for private or group training in person for an additional fee per session.