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Fit Life Retreats

A “FIT LIFE” Retreat is a personal one on one week or weekend where you take a step away from your present life and responsibilities to assess the condition of your TOTAL HEALTH. Although your accommodations will be first class don’t expect to be pampered as this is a time to explore deeply into every aspect of your being to determine what is preventing you from becoming the best YOU in spirit, mind and body! Your day will be structured and you will interact with a number of health professionals that will help you in developing this new way of life that will lead to health and happiness. Your retreat will be guided by Fit Conscience founder Coach Henty and he will spend time with you each day to form a “FIT LIFE” plan that if followed will bring a greater balance and peace in your life.

The confidentiality of your stay and personal program is of utmost priority. We work with entertainers, sports figures, executives and prominent people that have a great ascendancy over others. Your health not only effects you, but those that you influence by your example and yes this is a big responsibility that comes with the gifts and opportunities you have been blessed with.

We presently conduct our retreats in the beautiful heart of  the Fingerlakes in the quaint town of Skaneateles, NY.

Our weekend or weekly fees does not include your transportation, but we can make these arrangements for you depending on the travel privacy you desire. Some of our clients will take a commercial flight or come by private plane to Million Air in Syracuse, NY or the Skaneateles Aero Drome in which we will provide free transportation to your accommodations.

Esalen Institute People and ScenicsWeekend(Friday-Sunday): $3900.00     *Non-refundable deposit: $1500

Week:(Monday-Friday): $6900.00         *Non-refundable deposit: $2500

The above fees include: Overnight accommodations and meals.

* A great deal of preparation will go into your retreat and because we only book one client at a time in order to give total attention to your “Fit Life” plan a non-refundable deposit will be required at the time of booking.

.CONTACT: Michael Henty(315-406-0000/