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Corporate Health & Wellness



The statistics are staggering as to the state of health of our American workers and the “HUGE” benefits to a company if they have healthy employees.


  • 86% of full time workers are overweight or have at least one chronic-illness.
  • Those that fall in both of these categories miss hundreds of millions of days of work each year.
  • Over 153 billion dollars in lost productivity annually.


      *With an EFFECTIVE Health & Wellness program implemented.

  • 28% reduction in sick days.
  • 26% reduction in health costs.
  • 30% reduction in worker’s compensation and disability management claims.

Taking into account both the bad and good news it makes sense that 73% of small companies and 98% of large companies offer at least one wellness program. There are a number of health and wellness companies offering programs and health insurance companies are willing to pay part or all of the cost to implement a program because they realize the savings in health costs.  There can be an estimated $5.93 to $1.00 savings to cost ratio!

These savings can’t be achieved unless the programs being offered are effective in improving the individual health of your employee. Even as little as a 1% reduction in excess weight, high blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels has shown to save $83 to $103 annually in medical costs per person.

DRUGS can cost employers over 81 billion annually as 70% of the estimated 14.8 million who use illegal drugs are employed which effects job performance by inconsistent work quality, poor concentration and lack of focus, lowered productivity or erratic work patterns, increased absenteeism, unexplained disappearances from the job site, carelessness, mistakes or errors in judgement, needless risk taking, disregard for safety for self and others on the job and off the job accidents, extended lunch periods and early departures.


Fit Conscience is taking a different approach to just offering medical testing and tracking , fitness memberships or exercise classes. We are an “ACCOUNTABILITY” service that is the missing key to anyone trying to maintain a healthy way of life. Our approach is holistic in that we address the spirit, mind and body which is being recognized and a adopted by more and more companies. Believe it or not…work related stress is the leading workplace health problem and major occupational health risk, ranking above physical inactivity and obesity. Depression is the major cause of disability, absenteeism and productivity loss among working age adults. So just getting in physical shape will not have the most impact as programs that address an employees TOTAL health!

Our service is personal and confidential with an accountability coach for every employee. A “Fit Life” plan will be created entailing all aspects of their life with the goal to help them become the best version of themselves. They will receive weekly “FIT TIPS” and motivational messages. A personal phone call weekly to encourage, listen and help them with addressing issues that surface at work or home that might be disrupting their progress.  We will also provide your company with a quarterly healthy living magazine. The contributors will be experienced health professionals and the magazine will include testimonials from your employees as well as articles that are tailored and personal to creating a family environment at work. We will have planned  events to build unity and community service activities to show your company cares!

Healthy people=Healthy employees=Healthy Companies=Healthy Communities=A HEALTHY COUNTRY!


Our service could save your company $1600 or more per employee each year. Your revenue will increase proportionally with the increased health of your employees, not to mention a safe and happy place to work!

Your ROI will go far beyond the dollar signs and you will see change in the culture of your company.

We will do a complete assessment of your companies needs and find the most affordable and effective programs to ensure the health of your employees. Please contact us for our consulting fees.  If you choose our accountability service the consultation is FREE!