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Your FIT Team


My name is Michael Henty and I started coaching over 40 years ago in my backyard with a neighborhood gymnastic program. I have been able to keep myself fit by being disciplined in my daily workouts whether I was at home or traveling. I learned a great deal over the years about nutrition, strength training, sports psychology and have grown spiritually to understand that our athletic endeavors can be used as a training ground to develop our character. I started the first home in the country where gymnasts lived away from their families to train called GYMNEST and became a member of the United States Jr. Olympic Coaching Staff. My gymnasts became state, regional and national champions, but I always realized this success was missing something. I wrote a book called: GO FOR GOD’s GOLD(How to develop your spiritual strength through sports). []  I became the founder and president of Champions For Life Sports Center with the mission of developing virtue and character through sports and after almost three decades I left to start a new non-profit called Ministro Ministries with the mission to serve with LOVE those in need by providing food, housing, vocational training, education, social, cultural and recreational programs while fostering the virtue of SERVICE. []

I have a passion for helping people stay fit in all aspects of their lives and the one thing that I have come to realize is that we do not grow or achieve anything in life without others. We need each other to encourage and motivate us when we just can’t find it within ourselves to move forward and stay positive. We need someone to remind us of how special and unique we are created in the likeness and image of God.  We do have a purpose in this world and we need  that someone to keep us accountable to our goals in life! That is why I have started FIT CONSCIENCE and I consider it a privilege to serve you as your personal coach so you can become the best YOU!

Our TEAM of professionals that will contribute to our monthly newsletter, fit tip texts and be there to answer questions about healthy living will include just about every field in the health and wellness profession(Cardiologists, nutritionists, physical therapists, psychologists, chiropractors, dermatologists, dentists, holistic physicians, spiritual directors, personal trainers, fitness equipment specialists and coaches for all sports.) I have assembled not only a TEAM of experienced professionals, but thy are all personal friends that I deeply respect and know they care in the same way I do about your health and happiness!

Coach Henty